Referral Discount Offer

10% discount on your Session, for every referral that becomes an active new client that has a Session.

Energy Healing Session

1 Hr Session : £40 please book in advance

Energy Healing Sessions available and accessible to everyone.
Session promotes self healing, relaxation of the mind, body and psyche, helping to re-balance and enhancing the recipient. It also starts you off on, or enhances, your journey of self awareness of mind, body and spirit.

These sessions enable better communication with you and your higher energy being, resulting eventually with a more balanced and intuitive life style, if you choose to follow your blossoming inner guidance.

This healing can be repeated in 1hr blocks as often as the person needs. The enhanced personal energy I bring to each session will gain more and more attunement with the recipient, bringing forward new healing to the body, mind and spirit with each session progression.

Even at this level my healing with you is very advanced due to me already being an active Light Body healing practitioner, so the universal healing I bring forward is both intuitive, direct and unique.

This work may also move you forward to being able to be able to undertake the Light Body healing at a later date, taking you to more advanced stages in your psychic and personal development in the future.

The healing I work to promote through you will have not just be a short term relaxation and soothing effect with most people but will help promote many aspects of self that need attunement, into the future. 

Light Body Healing Session

Light Body healing session with client £40 + £20 deposit = £60 total per session

This session is comprised of an advanced Light Body meditation by the practitioner, 1 hr prior to session for healing permission from her Light Body.

A deposit payable of £20. This is returned if my Light Body doesn’t give permission at this time. It may be that a more general healing is needed first.

These healing sessions are for developing the advanced practitioner. Whether spiritual seeker, healer or holistic therapist. Permission by my Light Body is rarely given to someone who is below the level of ‘master’ in their current spiritual awareness. 

These sessions are a gateway to becoming more open to the sacred universal knowledge on a more personal basis. They help to integrate your personal energy development and flow. Bringing with it a heightened awareness, once again raising your vibration and through the raising of your vibration help you to initiate changes within your life to help you adjust to existing within a higher vibration.
As part of the expansion of your awareness, your connection with the universe will be greater enhanced and more accessible, lifting your consciousness to levels beyond your present functioning.

This healing is part of a process of a personal journey that you will undertake, making changes in how you think, what you do and whom you do it with. It is a transformational process and requires courage and determination to follow through the changes in thinking and perception. This is why availability Is limited.

Student Introduction Session

Mentor Sessions Price - Please Inquire
Booking Required *
Book Cost £35 plus P&P
Includes: access to the teachings within the book with the possibility of additional mentorship by Amanda Burridge ( accredited Light-Body Mentor) based on an individual acceptance basis.

When you move forward into Student Introduction Sessions you can begin your spiritual journey to explore and read the Dolfina Light Teachings in ‘A Travel Guide To The Other Side’.

This teachings in this book, written by ‘Trail of Tears’ Cherokee and Ilocano tribe of the Philippines Lineage holder and psychic surgeon Jodell Bumatay, will assist and guide you further on your journey of personal development.

The book is an advanced manual for spiritual beings that are seeking the psychic gifts of a Light Being within themselves.

Each person will have their own gifts to unfold and unravel.

Begin at your level and follow the teachings of Dolfina, an Immortal Soul Being of light, intuitively given to Jodell Bumatay and follow the teachings up to a mastery level.

Student Progression Towards Apprenticeship

Mentor Sessions Price - Please Inquire
Booking Required * 

Students who are accepted to apprenticeship will be given, under guidance, access to workshops, teachings, seminars, mentorship and forums / discussions via approval and acceptance of apprenticeship with Dolfina International, on an individual case basis.

May also include: specific teachings under the guidance of and directed by the Author and Psychic Jodell Bumatay, originator of the Light Body teachings via her Light-Body Dolfina.

This path would be taken with a view to accessing accreditation on the
various pathways of Light Body teaching. This is a sacred path and would eventually lead an individual, if completed, to a direct relationship with their own Light Being.