Light Body Healing

This form of healing is very ancient. It works on a unique higher frequency, where it seeks to highlight core issues and soul issues that are deep within our psyche. It has been found to be very powerful and can bring about much change. With this in mind it is only undertaken at the 'right time' in a persons lifetime. Before this healing is made available, going through the general healing process is needed to bring the person to a stage where they are ready and understanding of all that light body healing entails, which can be profound and enlightening to each individual who undertakes this sacred process. 

Healing In Stages

Healing in stages offers unique experiences and life transforming developments to any seeker of personal awareness, spiritual expansion, personal psychic development and much more. 

Each level of healing brings with it new personal empowerment and energy enhancement, greater understanding and unique individual challenges and behaviour pattern clearing.
Working in stages allows you to build the skills and abilities that you naturally have, with each session.

Healing takes place in many forms and as the mind heals and balances it’self towards it’s soul purpose, so does the body, in a symbiotic relationship. Healing begins energetically and flows to the heart and the body and the psyche effortlessly bringing about change and understanding.

Healing - Why I Do It

All my healing helps bring about changes within a person, bringing them closer to a sense of well-being, relaxation, contemplation and life review.
As the sessions progress in frequency, often my clients bring with them conversations of events and mental changes that have happened to them since the previous sessions and how their life journey has evolved and progressed on an individual basis. 

I love, as part of my journey, hearing from clients first hand about how things have shifted and progressed. It gives me great personal satisfaction and joy.

My particular passion is working with women and men who have been through domestic abuse. This work involves deep core healing and takes time and patience. It is especially close to my heart as it is a journey I have been on myself and know many others whose lives have been affected.

The Energetic Self

We are all influenced by our immediate environment, whether it be walking into a room and sensing that the mood has changed, or living among people you know well but feeling a stranger in their company. 
Working in a workplace where we just have repetition of the same tasks every day, we start to close down energetically to protect ourselves from how this makes us feel. 
We switch off, we become physically and mentally ill - suppressing feelings about environments we know are not good for us nor are they enriching to our energetic body or mind. 
We need to recognise this mistake and start to heal our energetic bodies in the same way we would tend to our physical bodies, as one depends on the other and balance and health cannot be maintained without both.