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About Our Founder

Jodell Bumatay is a lineage holder of sacred practices of her Illocano ancestors from the Philippines. She has spoken on the essence behind psychic surgery based upon her experiential mapping of the stages of our "Light Body" as it enfolds and unfolds through a multi-dimensional reality. 

The mapping provides a guide for developing awareness of the process by which a soul inhabits a physical body. In her spiritual work Jodell applies the techniques that her grandfather used to stimulate a permanent opening of the third eye. Jodell's life mission is to understand the spiritual traditions of her ancient tribal roots within the context of her Western cultural upbringing.

Jodell graduated cum laude from Sonoma State University in liberal arts and philosophy. In industry she trained and worked on computer and security systems. She has served in the U.S. armed services. Jodell conducts workshops on spiritual development and is Founder and Director of Dolfina, a non-profit organization. Dolfina trains individuals to use their life's mission as the foundation for becoming an ordained minister.