Light Body Healing

Healing takes place in many forms and as the mind heals and prepares it’self for it’s soul purpose, so does the body, in a symbiotic relationship. 

Healing begins energetically and flows to the heart and the body and the psyche effortlessly bringing about change and understanding.

Will I Feel Or See The Healing?

Some people who are very sensitive to energy will have sensations or see some form of energy. Others will feel and see nothing.
Seeing or not seeing / feeling does not effect the efficacy of the process and any sensations felt are just a sensory awareness activation.
If you feel nothing, it is still ok, the healing will have worked just as well.

Is Light Body Healing New?

No, In ancient Egypt it was called 'Sa Sekhem Sadu’(Light Soul Body) or (divine breath, power/energy, fully realised human being)

Many of us live in such a way that we cannot easily listen to our Light Body. whilst we may use intuition and our psyche at some moments in our lives. It has become very difficult for us to reach our divine self as a conscious guide for our higher good. Also, the teachings of the healers are sacred.

Do I Need To Change My Beliefs?

No, a belief system is not necessary, However, an open heart and mind are needed, and a desire to make changes in your life. Without which the healing will be blocked.

Does this healing conflict with my religious beliefs?
This form of healing is open to everyone who is open to it and has no prohibitions or exceptions. Light Beings do not judge, they assist wherever they feel it is appropriate ,when they have been invited to do so.