Soul Mates, Twin Flames and other Flames… for Evolving Souls.

Guided by Light

Jed Heart is a continuum of Light Body Teachings which evolved throughout my lifetime. Jed is short for Jedhi which comes from the ancient Egyptian word Djed from the Book of the Papyrus of Ani first translated by E. A. Budge and published as The Book of the Dead. This work acknowledges all of the Indigenous Peoples of the world-past, present and future.

In December 2003, I began to dream about Egypt. One of my dreams, I met E. A. Budge and his partner. I was given a contract to travel back into the past to retrieve ancient knowledge about space and time travel. I had been initiated by my own grandfather into ancient tribal pratices of astral travel and lucid dreaming by my another elder in my family. I had been astral traveling since I was two years old which I can remember. I had spirit guides throughout my childhood. I had several guides through time. In the first few months of 2004, I began to have dream memories of being initiated into an ancient knowledge of Light Beings. I experienced that initiation as being struck by a powerful light which felt as if I was struck by lightning, a force of nature. From that experience began other experiences which led me on a journey to discover other souls who were also recovering memories from ancient temples and lifetmes in Egypt. I was guided to a book in a used book store which I found and revealed the meaning of Djed-the Pillar of Light, the Immortal Light of the Soul.

In 2005, one of my close spiritual friends had the vision that I would network with women around the world to coordinate Light Beings in an international network. Over time, I wrote several articles which were written anonymously yet posted freely on the internet. From that time, I have had the pleasure of connecting with spiritual souls who awakened to the intention of awakening other Light Beings on the path to remembering Oneness within Source.

I am not the only soul who is being guided by Light, here or on this planet. I know that other souls are often afraid of opening up about this experience. The world religions and skeptics often offer up personal attacks, criticism and judgment. However, there is plenty of scientific evidence which has been accumulated for over one hundred years. I will not debate with anyone who has not done their homework. I will spiritually support souls who have done their homework with all of the will power of my being. World religions and skeptics are often the first to attack any woman, any one, who has experiences with the Light. To scare people, the story of Lucifer as the Light Being who went up against God was created to prevent people from accessing their own Light using fear tactics. When that was not working, the fear mongers used science. Science originated from spiritual practices. Yet, the world does not know that because science over time divorced themselves from their history.

The Light is not light like the sun or moon. The Light can be seen externally yet the essence of the Light is soft and has a consistently which floats in the atmosphere. It is more gaseous or ethereal than the spectrum of light. You can feel the Light as well as see it. The senses we use to attune to the light are no our eyes and yet we can see it. It is like the sense of smell. We cannot see what we smell in the air but we do indeed smell it. We have a sense which senses the Light. No scientist can discover it because it is a rare scientist who can sense it. And, when a scientist can sense it, they would need a grant study to afford to design and build equipment which could sense it to measure it. We live in a world where there is no money going towards our spiritual evolution. The forces of controlling the world by fear and anxiety are too invested in creating pain and suffering. That leaves those of us who can sense the Light as the means of sharing how we sense and feel with others so that souls on our planet do not lose this sense from our ancient memories.

When I can let go of my sense of being my self as a person, I can collapse into a tiny point of Light. As a point of Light, the I that I am can travel through space, time and space and time. I mean, I can shift my perceptive point of Light from my physical body orientation to orient my spark of Light to see outside of myself, pass through walls, travel to other spaces, places. And, in time, I can pass through time into the past and into the future. In time and space, I can do both at the same time. I can travel from my personal sense of being a self to the impersonal sense of being someone else. I.e.; I can have other people’s memories. The first time I experienced seeing a Being of Light was when I was a baby. As an adult in my mid-twenties, I experienced myself as a Being of Light. In Light Realms, I was given my Light Body Name and Soul Purpose. From the experiences as a Being of Light, teachings from Light Beings,I have been working towards opening the Light to those who are guided to me.

Jed Heart has no interest in followers, worshippers nor following any religion. Experience and scientific methodology has always been my spiritual path and practice. Light Beings who are drawn to Jed Heart are evolving toward discovering the means by which we enter our Light Beings through releasing deep core soul memories and shifting into accepting our soul memories of Being in the Light, Being Beings of Light, being among Beings of Light, our Soul Groups. Jed Heart is guide to the way to being One with Source, one of the many ways never the less one a lucid and powerful means of direct connection with Source through opening the Light of the soul-the Djed.